Whatever Path We Follow

Whatever path we follow, whatever we believe, whatever we think we know, it is essential to realise that pure perception is taking place, through the haze of the brain/mind’s chattering.

We don’t have to recall special teachings: we merely have to be aware that awareness is taking place. That is the beginning of waking up to our reality. This pure perception has many names, but in essence, it is pure consciousness, empty as a clear sky. They do say that inspiration comes out of the blue! 😀

This is neither about the seer nor the thing seen. It is the absolute seeing itself – pure awareness, pure consciousness. That is what spirituality is all about: it is the transformation of the natural (in conventional, human terms) into the super-natural (spiritual awakening).

There is no mystery to be solved, but merely awareness being aware of itself and coming to rest in that realisation. There are no lofty ideas, no rituals, no incantations, no clever sayings, no teachings, no teachers and no Buddhas. We have arrived. In that emptiness, there is nothing to solve, except the acceptance that whatever takes place in our lives is a product of our previous conduct – whether pleasant or unpleasant – and we have to work with that, with genuine love. We are not embellishing ourselves with spiritual terminologies as our true essence is beyond all that chatter.

Realising absolute truth, we don’t suddenly become wonderful people, as there is old luggage to be disposed of. We have to live out our relative existence, but now there is a rightness about it. It’s our lot and our confusion … and our path of discovery.

Being skilful about whatever we do, we take care not to overlay or modify ourselves by reinforcing obsessive, limiting ideas that we have acquired. A clear mind is open to all possibilities.

We work with where we are now. We don’t have to envy others’ immaculate lifestyles, although they can be very seductive. We don’t need pride in our lifestyle, thinking it’s better than that of others; their path may be simpler.

Whatever path we follow, it all comes down to pure perception – not better perception than others. Just pure perception – and that is a good heart!

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