Is Humanity Stupid, Evil Or Just Gullible?

Why are we functioning on such a basic level, when we have so much hidden potential? The funny thing is that this potential is NOT hidden. This potential is “awareness”, which is functioning all the time, except when we are asleep, unconscious or distracted. And it is that awareness which is reading this now – pure consciousness, pure being. But a moment later we forget, and go about our business. We have forgotten what we are.

We may appear to be intelligent and sophisticated, but we are actually running around in circles chasing our tails, doing and saying the same things, day after day. We live in a programme of responses. No one ever says anything unexpected, do they? Scary isn’t it?!

The ‘news’ isn’t news: it’s programming that repeats the same lines, decade after decade, and we’ve become so used to this that it seems normal. If something important is actually happening in the world, they’ll either show you fashion and celebrities, or create fear.

It is precisely because we are programmed that our ‘button’ can be pushed to react to type, and in so doing, we get to press others’ ‘buttons’. We go to war over belief systems; “You don’t believe what I believe, therefore I shall turn away from you … or kill you”. What a scary world!

If we take a step back from humanity, we see that we are very dangerous beings. The more stupid we become, the more dangerous we are.

The moment we step back from the programming is the moment we wake up.
Meditation is awakening from this nightmare: we realise that we aren’t machines!

The sweet smile of recognition
brings tears of joy of oneness.

41 seconds…!

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  1. crestedduck says:

    No one ever says anything unexpected, do they?……………………………………..
    Well I have a lifetime of speaking the truth blatantly with brutal honesty to everyone, and that certainly was not expected nor has it been received well by mostly everyone because most people are fully invested in living inside their illusions and delusions.

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