Buddhism Is Self Investigation

Seeking the truth is not about going to a teaching, being told something, and believing it. The Buddha’s teaching has many levels: the same words are used, but the meaning changes as we investigate. Gradually, we see differently, and we live differently. We see the story behind the story. The problem is that we are investigating something that never existed in the first place – a self image.

The more we try to find our ultimate nature, the more we realise that there is nothing to find. Our ordinary mind is not subtle enough for this investigation as we are using impure consciousness, which judges from memories, and is thus defective programming. We have to be in the moment now in order to experience accurately, and that means having an open mind, without any active programming!

Everything that we perceive is based on confusion. We believe what we see to be real, having a permanent, true existence. As we investigate, we find answers that perhaps satisfy initially, but gradually, that becomes no longer the case. We need to question everything, until we realise what is investigating what. Unfortunately, ‘religion’ can obscure our search for reality. Come to think of it, so can science!

The Dharma is not facts to be learnt. It is information to experience. Through experience, we gain knowledge – inner knowledge – which ultimately becomes wisdom – unshakeable wisdom about the emptiness of ultimate truth. The kingdom of heaven is not a place; it is just waiting to be realised. Of course, we may start by believing that there may be an ultimate truth, but we won’t know that until it is experienced and realised … now!

We will not find something that meets the definition of our true nature, as anything we find is subject to change. Nothing truly exists: if we investigate thoroughly, we come to understand that anything we find never existed in the first place – even our confusion!  We realise that whatever we discover through our ideas is empty of any inherent existence of its own. Everything – matter and ideas – are subject to causes and conditions, and are part of the collective programme.

The Dharma is not something we can write down and learn, and then move on to something more interesting. It’s finding, letting go, dropping, finding, letting go, dropping … it’s like that.

The reason that there are levels is because, at certain times, the ordinary mind has to be convinced, and so we settle for one particular idea at a moment in time. This does help as part of the process of making us decent, mentally-healthy human beings – and we could just stop there. We may, however, find that something is missing. We are still holding on … to terminologies.

According to contrived prophesies, the world is going to end either today or tomorrow. It’s already tomorrow in Australia and nothing has happened 😀 Don’t believe everything you read. Don’t take stories to be literal.

There is always a level of consciousness beyond confusion.
The moment you think you’ve got it figured out … you’re wrong!

😀 😀 😀

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  1. crestedduck says:

    It is and has been the end of the world for somebody somewhere every single day. As their are always natural and unnatural and also intentional man made created and manipulated disasters happening somewhere every single day.

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