The Vedic Scriptures, The Buddha, The Christ, The Tulku And You …
… are all the very same source of pure consciousness.

The pure consciousness of non-duality.
When we look, we see.
When we see, we know.
Knowing is divine insight.

The Vedic Scriptures:“To see, to know.”
Gautama Buddha: “See for yourself” … then you know.
Jesus Christ: “Seek and ye shall find” … then you know.
Tulku Urgyen: “Free in the moment of seeing” …then you know.

For thousands of years, the moment of realising non-duality has been expressed in different ways.

When we look for our self, we find nothing but looking; that looking is seeing, that seeing is awareness, that awareness is consciousness. As there is nothing else that consciousness can find, that is the pure consciousness of all the enlightened ones. When we have dropped separateness, we realise the miracle!

A miracle is a remarkable event revealing divine insight; something we hadn’t seen before is now seen. It is astonishing that this wisdom has been kept from us for so long. The moment of freedom is the moment we see that we have been deceived! Free in the moment of seeing.”

Any genuine teacher from any genuine path will say the same, genuine thing. What we seek, we are. We choose the path that suits our temperament and confusion.

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