Starting From The Beginning

We ask ourselves, “What’s it all about?”
What is ‘it’ ?
Is ‘it’ the world, or our life?

If we are asking these questions, it means that we are questioning the collective consciousness, the collective karma, the collective thoughts about life. The ‘collective’ may be our world, our country, our area, our family, but it’s all in our own mind. Karma is whatever we consented to hold on to in our minds; the ideas, concepts, feelings, the way we see things. Unfortunately, those ideas in our mind are not our own, as they belong to the collective.

The collective ideas have no reality.
It’s all make believe.
We’ve merely adopted a way of life.

For some, clinging to the collective is fine. It’s safe, it’s home. For others, it’s just plain bonkers … it’s competitive, argumentative, dissatisfying, depressing and delusional.

We have to be honest,
if we want to see clearly.

So we look for an answer to the questions of “Why am I suffering?” and “What is the cause of this suffering?” and “Is there an answer?” and “What do I do about it?”

We are now ready for the answer,
because the answers we have had so far
do not make sense.

These are timeless questions of which all sentient beings are aware. Most just fit in, living a while and then dying, never feeling fulfilled, but just existing.

Is there an answer to life, the universe and everything?
Yes, there is – and it’s right before us … get it? It’s right before … us. Right before … me. 😀

So let’s have a good look, rather than believing anything.
To start, we have to drop everything we have been told.

Believe nothing
and see for yourself.

Your own seeing is your teacher.

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