The Next Step

“Starting From The Beginning”:
the teaching is all about the beginning.
We doubt, so more text was created.

“Beginner mind, Zen mind.”

The very recognition that we are dissatisfied
is the meaning of the unity of relative and ultimate truth,
and the path to enlightenment.

Constantly recognising a disturbance in empty cognisance
takes us through the levels,
refining and refining.

The clue is in the statement:
“The very recognition that we are dissatisfied.”

There is a recognition. There is a we. There is a dissatisfaction.

That which recognises is consciousness.
That which we call ‘we’ is a contrived identification with consciousness.
That which is dissatisfied is consciousness that does not recognise
its true nature of empty cognisance.

“We are liberated in the moment of seeing.”

When, through meditation, consciousness recognises
that it is pure, uncontaminated, empty cognisance,
the idea of ‘we’ is liberated.

Rather than “I am seeing”,
there is merely seeing.

In the very moment now, there is no I.
An I is created a milli-moment later, and confuses itself.
This happens so quickly that we don’t notice it
and so we live in ignorance of our true nature.

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