The Garden Of Eden Is Now

We don’t have to harp back to the past to realise truth. If truth was true then, it stands to reason that it must be true now. We are not talking about stories that influence our judgement; we are talking about truth that cannot be interpreted. It just is. The truth is our own pure consciousness. It just is. We cannot deny it, can we?

Whatever happened in the past is happening now, and will happen in the future, and that is that we are deluded into thinking we are free. We are only free when we have the knowledgeof seeing and realising that we are not free. That is transcendent knowledge; the secret knowledge of pure consciousness beyond ordinary, human, physical existence. The majority of people in this world are denied this knowledge.

Not knowing, we are kept in a paradise of delusion that obscures our reality of pure consciousness in favour of an existence based on ‘toys’. We are denied knowledge of our true potential, and are captured in our own imagination. The true knowledge of our reality is the wisdom of the enlightened: the purity of inner consciousness that does not obsess or blindly believe. In this way, we do not give away our precious power. There has always been a battle between inner and outer knowledge; wisdom and ignorance of that wisdom.

We are encouraged to enjoy the physical, material world and rely on the wonders created for us – the Garden of Eden! Our true reality is within consciousness: all else is an illusion conjured up for us to believe. This the Matrix – a cultural, social, religious or political environment in which our ignorance develops, and which creates our confusion. Are we here merely to obey beliefs?

Gnosticism was a second-century ‘heresy’ (heresy?) claiming that salvation could be gained through secret knowledge. The word ‘gnostic’ is derived from the Greek ‘gnosis’ meaning “to know” or “knowledge”. From a Buddhist perspective, the secret knowledge is that we are what we seek, and so we are free in the moment of seeing.

Was the serpent a symbol, showing us the secret of naturally untying the knots of confusion? We are free in the moment of seeing. The truth shall set us free … but there have always been those who don’t want us to know that.

The Gnostics called God the creator ‘the demiurge’, the craftsman. The demiurge is the dark side of our nature, our self. We create our illusions, and want others to agree with these misunderstandings. This is pure make believe, whereas knowledge tells us to look within consciousness itself and realise the transcendent wisdom that is our nature.

We have always been what we seek. It is the seeing that sets us free. We have a right to know. Fake news is nothing new. See for yourself that this self identity is but a reflection of others’ ideas.

Knowledge is to know, to recognise.
To recognise is to re-know what is already known.

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