Two Facts About Consciousness

All creatures are bornwitha sense of awareness or consciousness. This is how we survive. There is a uniqueness to this consciousness: it has natural clarity and is empty of contrivance, before anything is identified.

As humans beings, we can, through instruction, become aware of this clarity. When resting in silent stillness, this awareness of consciousness may be recognised. In looking and recognising consciousness, we become aware that there is nothing other than this consciousness. We suddenly realise that we are this consciousness, and have been so all along. Any further investigation is dropped in order to rest in that realisation, becoming more familiar with this ultimate reality as further analysis would simply confuse and obscure this pure state of consciousness. Words are not the truth: it is the experience of those words that realises the truth.

This is the realisation of the ancient, enlightened ones that has been spoken about for thousands of years. It is from this point of view that opinions about this realisation are irrelevant. All that chatter belongs to scholars and philosophers.

We need consciousness in order to survive,
to enable us to realise the nature of that consciousness.

That is the meaning of life,
and the reason for a precious human birth.
All enlightened ones know this.

The rest of us merely muck around in the collective consciousness, talking about how to survive and what ‘colours’ to adopt. It’s a bit of a shock to realise that our potential is enlightenment, but that we have become indifferent to this.

The more we value consciousness, the more enlightened we are,
as we become less distracted by appearances.

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