Trouble With Meditating?

Intelligent people are full of doubts, and the ignorant know everything. What we do not know, we believe, and when we believe, we ignore experience. Becoming too intellectual with theories can also turn us into believers.We can easily lose the plot! This affects our meditation and state of being. It is here that we need to experience the ‘gentle breath practice’ of controlling the subtle body’s inner energies. This breath control settles the effect of our inner anxieties. It’s yoga without the gymnastics, rather like the meditation practice of watching the breath, but deeper.

We simply and gently take a slightly deeper breath, and push this down as if it is going just below the navel; we hold it there for a few seconds or more. While holding the gentle breath, we focus on awareness. Then we gently release the breath, while leaving a little of this sensation in place at the navel. We repeat this until we feel more relaxed. This practice takes away inner tensions or feelings that are held higher in the subtle body, and we may find the eyes don’t blink so much or feel so tired and dry. The subtle body is the core of our energy, and it is worth trying to see if this practice improves meditation and our daily life.

This practice helps us to realise our true nature of pure awareness, where we release all anxieties and return to being. When we are relaxed and open up, new realisations can occur. For example, a doubt that we may have held as to whether there is a God or not can simply be seen as God being our true nature. Of course, not everyone may view it this way; we all realise whatever we need to realise in order to clarify and release doubts that we may have held on to for a very long time. 😀

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