The Clarity Of Perception Is The Third Eye

The third eye is just another name
for pure awareness, or pure consciousness.

Not recognising the clarity of perception that sees directly,
we rely on our memory interpreter,
the dream-maker.

The world in which we live
is full of ideas about this as opposed to that.
As long as we cling to these ideas,
we dream in others’ dreams.

We have two physical eyes to see,
and a third (metaphysical) eye
giving insight into what we are.

Beware of the metaphysical poets*
who lull us into dream states.

The simplicity of perception is shocking,
enlivening and awakening.

*Metaphysical poets are characterised by the use of complex and elaborate images or metaphors, typically using a intellectual form of argument to express emotional states.

All the questions raised by metaphysics ponder the nature of reality. There is no one correct answer to any of these questions: metaphysics is about exploration and philosophy.

In other words, it’s not about actual, empirical experience!

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