Proof It’s Not All Our Fault

Throughout history, humanity has been exploited, and we’ve agreed to choose not to notice. Our problem is that everyone is all right with this. Things are learnt from history, and renamed, repackaged and consumed.

Those in power (not politicians) feel entitled to dismiss ordinary people as they are the product that maintains that power. As long as the majority do not notice, it continues.

We are convinced that all we want is to be connected; we consent to click and continue, click and collect, click to like or dislike. Despite seeing terrible things happening in the world, we click to continue.

We’ve become separated from our intelligence; orchestrators pretend that we’ve agreed when, in fact, we’re just going along with the others. These forced ‘choices’ limit our way of life, and so, our ability to question – to ask the right question. Is there more to me than this?

Data mining harvests what we’re doing and how we think, and then tells us what to think and what to do. Policy-ing should be about public safety, not state security. We become confused and speculate, given to fantasies fed to us to keep us separated and quarrelling. Divide and conquer.

We have to recognise that we do not actually consent; we put up with, going along with the rest because we think it makes life easier. Er … no …

People do not feel that they have the ability to change, and so the great divorce between institutions and people is maintained. We just obey as it’s easier, actually wanting to be told what to do. Those who put themselves in charge see no consequences to their actions, whereas there are consequences because of their rules.

Neither institutions nor ordinary people realise that karma rules!
History will indite (judge) our behaviour.
Ignorance of the law of karma (cause and effect) is no excuse.

We become addicted to being connected, continually checking ‘our’ devices. In recognising this, we take back our power; even small changes to our behaviour can make a difference to our way of life. Our problem is that everyone else assumes the way we all live is normal.

From even a small, enlightened perspective, this make no sense, and is the very reason that conscious meditation (clarity of mind) is the way out of others’ programming.

A man stands outside shop with a lint roller ‘testing or cleaning’
… why do people conform?!

The Solomon Asch experiment of conformity is alive and well.
Common sense is common law – doing no harm – but we are denied that right.

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