What Guides Us?

What guides us?
Conscience? Karma? Consciousness?
They say, “Let conscience be your guide.”
Well, that will depend on several things …

Our conscience tells us whether what we are doing is right or wrong. When we’ve done something wrong, we are left with a bad taste. When we’ve done something right, there is no aftertaste.

Conscience is knowing right from wrong in any situation in which we find ourselves.

Karma is the situation in which we find ourselves at this present moment, which is created by past reactions to past situations. If nothing changes, the same scenarios reoccur.

Consciousness sees all these comings and goings. It is the quality of consciousness that influences both karma and conscience.

The more that consciousness refines by dropping impurities (concepts), the more conscience refines (sees causes), and the more karma refines (has fewer habitual reactions), until all karmic reactions drop away. Situations, conscience and consciousness become pure perception, pure consciousness.

What is preventing refinement?
Our holding on to obsessions and fixations that cause us to see through a glass darkly.

Simple meditation – together with analytical meditation – are the methods to clear away our confusion and doubt. At every moment, we are being taught something about ourselves to see what is guiding us. By being methodical, we can all work this out.

By virtue of the light of consciousness,
we know we see darkly.

It is of paramount importance to appreciate
that the clear light of pure consciousness is always present,
and guides conscience.

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