Good Mental Health

We all have to take care of both our physical and mental health to maintain wellbeing, free from anxiety. Our mind affects our body through the way we see life. We have to train our mind to stay calm, rather than getting over-excited or giving in to apathy. Trying to keep up appearances isn’t the solution; that is the way of stress that leads to dis-ease. Even if we hide our discomfort, we suffer in some way, and this anxiety shows. We are a drugged society, bingeing on excitement and apathy.

So how can we manage our stress and anxiety? Good mental health is feeling free from keeping up with a society which has no idea where it’s going.

We have to make do and mend with whatever life throws at us.

Making do is accepting karma – the result of our previous actions.
Mending is bring our mind – and so, our life – back to balance, at our level.
‘Level’: The scenario in which we find ourself, and which we can transcend.

And what if we don’t have a fancy cushion to sit on in order to meditate?
We all have bums.


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