Does Anything Exist?

It’s not a question we like to ask 🙂

Existence: coming into being.

If something comes into being, it didn’t exist before.
Does it exist now? Is it a temporary phenomena?

We think we exist, but how?
The body is temporary; the mind is temporary.
They are animated by consciousness.

What of consciousness?
Consciousness is not created; it is just awareness, and never changes.
Consciousness cannot be said to exist – come into being.

We may say that consciousness came into a body,
but consciousness itself wasn’t created.
Throughout our lives, consciousness has never changed.

When we die, consciousness leaves the body, but with ‘add-ons’ = karma.
Due to these add-ons, consciousness will be attracted to a certain form;
add-ons are our karmic tendencies which we are born with.

Believing everything to be real, we create more karma.
Seeing the illusory nature of existence, we aren’t so attached to everything.
Karma is thereby dissolved.

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