The Age Of Ideas
We become whatever we identify with.

We think this is the age of things, when it is actually the age of ideas. We are sold ideas from birth to reinforce either a weakened or strong self image. This age of ideas is the age of conflict, separation and competitiveness.

For thousands of years, humanity has been sold ideas and beliefs so that we never look within, beyond those ideas. Buying into beliefs has cost us heavily; a lifetime of misplaced effort.

Belief takes away our power, which is the same old pure awakened consciousness that has been distracted to create enslavement through a belief in ideas. Is life just what we have been told to believe?

Once we realise that which sees this insidious deception,
life will never be the same again.

Insidious: from Latin insidiosus ‘cunning’, from insidiae ‘an ambush or trick’.

Eyes open, mind open, consciousness open.
In clarity, there is no better way to live.
It’s unstoppable.

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