Everything Has A Cause

Things don’t just happen; everything has a cause.
There is a reason why we are asleep, but appear to be awake.

What does ‘waking up’ mean?

We wake up when we become aware of the mechanics of our mind. For most, the moment of awareness or wakefulness is very short, as that awareness is immediately distracted, becoming aware of some thing. That is when we go to sleep; we enter memory-mode, which is our dream-state, our programmed routine.

In our reality, we are seeing through a cloud of ideas – through a glass darkly – while assuming that we are awake when we’re still in the dream. We impose our memories on to any situation; that is our dream-state.

It’s important to understand the world in which we live, and how problems are always cropping up, time and time again. Dream-makers won’t leave us alone as, when we are alone, we start to contemplate and ask questions. Dream-makers want to give us answers … their answers.

The cause of our dream-world is belief.

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