Know When You Are Day-Dreaming

Know when you are day-dreaming or in a vacant state. Realise that you are not quite ‘there’.
The very moment when we recognise that we are day-dreaming, we wake up. We are free in the moment of seeing.

Day-dreaming is becoming lost in thoughts about the past or future. Much of our time is spent expressing opinions on this and that, creating a story to impress, and this becomes a pastime for most of our life. We are watching the memory screen on the wall of our mind, instead of what’s actually here now.

So what’s the problem?
Well, you’ve heard of good and evil? Good is well-being, well-balanced. Evil is any disturbance of well-being, well-balanced.

The evil in the world wants us to day-dream, to the extent that it constantly gives us something to worry about, grabbing our attention day in and day out. We react, and that’s all it wants; it feeds off our emotions, and we lose our reality of being conscious.

This is why it is said that evil is in plain view – it doesn’t want to hide completely because it has to be believable in order for us to make up the fantasies about it.

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