When We Forget What We Are

When we forget what we are,
we lose all sense of reality.

So many people choose to be ignorant of their true reality in favour of filling their minds with some sort of amusement that holds their attention. The world is full of this.

When we forget what we are, our troubles begin. We hold on to ‘fancies’ – which is a contraction of ‘fantasies’. Remembering what we are, all our troubles, our fancies and our fantasies come to an end. It’s immediate … until we forget again. 😀

What are we?
We are consciousness, pure and simple. What’s so important about that?

Life isn’t merely about survival. It’s about enrichment of consciousness, and knowing what happiness is, free of conditions. Our physical needs become simple, rather than all-consuming. We don’t need constant external entertainment as our mind is busy enough 🙂

The simpler our life, the more time we have to contemplate, and to see for ourselves what our mind is doing. Rather than wanting the world to see how great we are and feeding off others’ reactions, we can be of benefit to others by opening up to possibilities of what pure consciousness means.

It’s amazing to realise
that we have never been separated from pure consciousness.

If we want more than this, we become trouble-makers.

Remember; don’t forget.

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