It’s Like We Are Broken

If we lose our purpose, it’s like we are broken.

We come into life with everything we need to know, but we don’t know how it all fits together. There are those who want us to stay broken and confused so that they can feed off our emotions.

A complete being is an enlightened being.
Incomplete beings are partial, limited, restricted, imperfect, fragmentary, unfinished and unenlightened.

Even being partly awake, we can start our path to completion, and that begins with the recognition of dissatisfaction or suffering.

A complete being is pure consciousness, and is in good working order.
An incomplete being is impure consciousness and is in good working odour. 😀
Odour: a lingering quality or impression, especially an unpleasant one, attaching to something.

Our purpose is to put ourselves together in good working order,
and then recognise the parts that form ‘me’:
only then can we take it all apart.

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