The Fifth Paramita – Concentration

The term, “the six paramitas”, is Sanskrit for the six essential abilities or perfections of generosity, patience, morality, discipline, concentration and transcendent wisdom.

Concentration is meditation;
simply being aware, being mindful without effort.

We merely drop everything,
and are no longer in a state of being either occupied or vacant
– our usual existence.

When we can concentrate and focus, we do not fall into distraction … for long 🙂 That is what this commercial world wants – a world full of zombies. Seen any bad films lately, or read the ‘news’?

When we can concentrate and focus, we can be generous, patient, moral and disciplined, and be of benefit to others, rather than merely acting the part.

Once we can concentrate,
the door of transcendent wisdom
and true compassion opens.

Meditation isn’t as difficult as you think.
Just be aware
– not aware of some thing.

We even drop the meditation
as a safeguard against doing the meditation.
In this way, we realise non-duality.

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