This Blog Isn’t A Path

I am not a teacher; I’m just someone who shares experiences. Our path is our own confusion about what we are. Our job to be unravelled. Meanings of words change with realisations; although the dictionary can define words, that definition refines, making more sense than the author’s interpretation. Experience is alive, while words are theory, and a generalisation.

There is a danger of redefining ancient teaching but, with awareness and a good heart, we can see what they meant in this age of conflict and suffering.

Saying all this, just reading something can remind us of our path. No cultural adoption needed; no special elaborations; nothing to identify with; no money changes hands. Just consider, reflect, and see for yourself, without an interpretation.

Observe the subtle indoctrinations in the mind that we are led to believe. Where did they come from? Things are suggested to a society by those who want to influence us, and the weak-minded carry them out with enthusiasm. It has always been the case.

Our path is not following others.

We are all one in essence,
but individual in our search.

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