Gaining Confidence

Once we know the essence of a subject, we have a firm foundation to expand our view to incorporate everyone and everything. The essence of everything and everyone is emptiness – consciousness that is uncontaminated. It has no view; it is the supreme view of clarity before we start pontificating, expressing our opinions in a pompous and dogmatic way.

We are so enthralled, captured and enslaved about existence that we make our life far too complicated and elaborate. We’ve moved so far away from our simple essence that we become blind to actual reality.

As we chase after this theory and that theory,
we lose the point of life.

Once we gain confidence in being pure consciousness, however, we realise this is the very essence of all beings which have a mind. Gaining confidence is then synonymous with compassionate understanding.

Now, because of compassion,
life becomes a series of challenges that upgrade realisation.
This is how we enter the enlightened realm.

We cannot gain confidence in theories where no essential foundation has been established.
There are those who expound existentialism, for example, which is a philosophical theory frequently
used by Kierkegaard, and which emphasises the existence of the individual person as a free and responsible agent, determining their own development through acts of the will.

Unfortunately, this philosophical idea is flawed
as it does not explain the quality of this ‘will’.

The challenge:
the more we see stupidity,
the more confidence we gain.

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