We All Know, But We Ignore That We Know

We all know but, for convenience,
we ignore that we know by believing conventionality.

We are so intent on knowing about things ‘out there’ that we are indifferent to what is going on in our own minds, creating our behaviour. We react – or rather, re-enact – without coming to a personal conclusion. In this way, we never gain true confidence, and are unaware that we are playing and re-playing the same game.

Evil has long term plans, and always has. Our thoughts are definitely not our own. Within ‘politics’, there are deliberate, hidden agendas. We are being bounced around, reacting to ‘stupidity’. There are hidden agendas within every walk of life – we buy into what we don’t need, but are half-convinced that we do. Religion is no different.

The essence of spirituality is the unity of everything; a uni-verse of non-duality.
Universe; Latin universum, ‘combined into one’.

Hidden elaborations make the universe into a multiverse;
dividing it up and breaking down non-duality into duality.

To even be alive, there must be knowingness present, ie consciousness. That is our unity, the good heart. But we ignore this in favour of taking sides, and consciousness translates this into knowing something about some thing.

We all have a conscience – a sense of right and wrong, of what wellbeing is, and of what harms wellbeing. But when we ignore this universal wellbeing, then the story is all about me.

Evil knows what it wants.
Goodness knows what we all want.

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