Walking On Eggshells

Treading carefully.

When we meet someone who has already made up their mind, and is prejudiced for or against another person, group or subject, we have to be overly careful in dealing with them as they might be in denial and become easily upset.

We may be enthusiastic, but talking to someone who has already made up their mind can have unfortunate consequences of backing them into a corner. And of course, they will retaliate. We all go through the same process: perception goes to memory (prejudice) and, from memory, we judge and the reaction occurs … every time … unless we have empathy.

The more we realise, the more eggshells there are. This is the delicate process involved in the levels of realisation. Each level of understanding is right – at that level.

Emotion to one person is suffering.

Emotion to a realised person is wisdom because,
before that moment of memory and reaction occurs,
there is pure, open consciousness.

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