A Talent For Dependency

We have developed a talent for dependency on whatever is in ‘the book’, which is merely words.

Books are the fiction, while personal experience of the words is the non-fiction. We may think that we think for ourselves, but we only use the ingredients we are given – the words in ‘the book’.

Being dependent means there is an on-off switch, a shunning switch as a threat for non-believers. Knowing that, we become even more dependent and willing to please, to gain credit or merit.

What can we rely upon?
That which is intangibly and unstoppably us – pure consciousness.

It is never wrong.
It only goes wrong when we rely on what ‘the book’ says.

We are indestructible,
but being dependent makes us vulnerable to ‘the book’s’ distractions.

No one can switch off consciousness.

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