When Information Is Misinformation

When we know that information is misinformation,
then misinformation is information
– and the end of confusion!

If we do not test information, it is merely a belief. Repeating this belief is misinformation. Information may either be a guide, or deliberate misguidedness. How would we know? Is this the cause of the illusion we live under?

This unenlightened world is maintained by beliefs, hearsay and misinformation. We live in accordance with a truth according to a ‘book’: there are experts whose only experience is through a ‘book’.

A food recipe is a mathematical formula. It is not until we try it out that we know how the dish is made and how it actually tastes. If we buy it already prepared, we are prepared to ‘swallow’ anything.

Words are like food, to be tasted to see if they are good.
Don’t even rely on a Buddha’s words.

When we know,
then misinformation is information!

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