Samsara within Samsara.

Part two.

There is an insidious betrayal of all sentient beings, by those who would use our confused mental state against us…we are in a double Samsara. They know the psychology of the Dharma, and therefore are aware of our weaknesses, but they do not have compassionate wisdom.You may find this very hard to believe or understand: don’t worry, you are not supposed to. It’s there if you look.

I can guarantee that these are not happy people. In their grander Samsara, they are always plotting, and falling into the very same traps as we do…suffering, anxiety, dissatisfaction. They think might is right.

You either ‘get this’ or you don’t. The populations of the world are being controlled, dumbed down and used. The plan is basically to make everyone conform: sheep are controlled by spooking them!

Whatever is officially stated may be read in two ways. We are told that something is for the good of the planet: this does not necessarily includes the people on it. Yes, it’s on that scale!Why this is hard to believe? Because you wouldn’t behave like that!

In this ‘Age of Strife’ – the Kali Yuga – what better time to create more strife, wars and divisions? It makes money…a lot of money! When ‘might is right’, you have control, and do not want to lose it.

Throughout the ages, the military machine has developed specialist skills, which take much maintenance…and money. In the middle ages, it was compulsory for archers to keep their skills up to a high standard. Nowadays, it is a profitable business, and arena in which to practise those skills!

They are so obsessed with the perpetuation of control that causing more strife and suffering means nothing to them. Consider the causes of war over the past 100 years. All one has to do is create an enemy, then tell people they are not patriotic if they question the government (the military industrial complex!)

Far fetched? All that is now needed is a system of disinformation. If you can divide people, and put them under financial pressure, cause friction, find someone to blame, it’s business as usual. Just look at the world: we are not supposed to see what is going on with the help of the trivia-obsessed media.

Their actions are all about manipulating our consciousness. When I see what is going on in the world, I wonder if the testosterone levels have been turned up and down…?!

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  1. crestedduck says:

    Up for military, down for everyone else….not a coincidence….can not function at 100% mentaly if levels are low . Progesterone is being manipulated on women….

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