Samsara within Samsara.

Part one.

 Samsara is defined as the repetitive cycle of birth, death, and rebirth that arises from ordinary beings mistakenly grasping and fixating on a self, and experiences, as real. Samsara arises out of our ignorance of our true nature and is characterised by suffering, anxiety, dissatisfaction.

Liberation from Samara is achieved through realising our true nature and purifying karma. It is through this very suffering, anxiety and dissatisfaction that we can realise our true nature in Samara.

Speaking practically, we seek happiness, and try to hold onto and maintain it, producing aggression. This constant striving for impermanent happiness is the cause of our suffering…it’s gone in a puff of emotional smoke.

Samsara is the vicious cycle of existence of confused sentient beings.

However…within our straightforward, confused Samsaric state, there is an added load! Anxiety, dissatisfaction and suffering are used to manipulate people. The emotions of fear and hope keep people in ignorance of their true nature: this twists consciousness. Remember that knowledge is neither good or bad – it’s what we do with it that counts!

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