Compassion in troubled times.

 In these troubled times, the emotions are easily stirred up. This is when we need utmost intelligence and compassion towards ourselves and others. The emotions are an indicator that awareness is aware of something, and this is usually to do with an inner conflict. It’s better to have emotions than to be dull or indifferent: however, the emotions can obscure an appropriate response, and make things worse.

The world will never be the way we hope, so we will continue to fear the way it is. We therefore live most of the time in hostile confusion. If awareness is aware of a threat, it needs clarity in order to assess whether to response – or not.

The funny thing is that we may be able to bring clarity to the situation, but it may not be accepted. This is where intelligent timing is important. Actually, the very moment an emotion arises, the mind is very bright – but if it is allowed to personalise a situation, the emotions turn negative, which doesn’t help anyone.

If possible, the situation should be dealt with calmly, but there are times when nothing can be done. Maybe we may not have the capacity, or we might have insufficient data. It’s important to keep the mind clear. Even if we do nothing, a clear mind is ready to respond when the right moment presents itself.

Compassion is about our own state of mind – to maintain its equilibrium. In that way, it will help others. They may not agree with us, but we all have to work within our own constitution – how we manage ourselves! What works for us may not work for someone else…we can’t tell others how to be, but we can look at our own motivation.

Truth totally destroys ego, and ego doesn’t like it.

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