Why Compassion is so important.

 Compassion cuts through all our negative emotions: pride, jealousy, anger, fear, and especially ignorance. It cuts through all our wrong doings.

 Compassion is ultimate intelligence.

Compassion is ultimate sanity.

 The emotions only seem to flare up when others are present, because projection meets projection. It stands to reason that when someone holding on to their mental image of themselves (this thing we have to protect, maintain and defend) meets another’s projections, there’s bound to be a clash. Then, “Oy!” do we suffer!

 Compassion cuts the c**p:

one’s own c**p,

It can also cut through the c**p of others.

Even in compassion c**p is still c**p!

 With compassion, awareness is now focused on the other, rather than on one’s own projections. When recognising other’s projections, we can also recognise our own, and so, out of loving kindness, we pay attention to their needs and thereby take ourselves out of the picture. This, of course, is challenging…to our ego! That is the whole point: the spiritual warrior is prepared to face this challenge, by taking a back seat and…listening.

 Compassion is so, so important. The moment we recognise compassion, we take a step out of this world, and into the celestial realms. Anywhere we go in this world, conversations will always be about ‘me’. One can sit and listen to anyone for an hour, and the conversation will be solely about them. We are sitting there, wondering when it’s our turn! That’s very funny.

 (This is particularly meaningful for me, as I sometimes have a stutter, and therefore give the impression of being a good listener! When people talk non-stop, I find it very difficult to join in. I have to wait for them to take a breath, and then I don’t make sense as I’m addressing something they said five minutes ago! That happens a lot… 😉 )

 Imagine someone you find obnoxious. We know that underneath all that c**p there is a enlightened being, just stuck in a haze of festering habits. We have to acknowledge that we too are talking through a haze of festering habits, so we should be a little more compassionate and empathetic, like a spiritual ‘ninja’. This doesn’t mean we accept their actions and reactions, but we give them a little more space. The trick – and hope – is that they may calm down (bringing down their and our inner wind of loong). Of course, this doesn’t last, as we are bound to get irritated again, at some point…or not! That’s the work – our conduct. Our skilful conduct.

 Of course, people don’t want our compassion and love. They want to continue creating a construct. However (and this is guaranteed), a very tiny part of them will appreciate you just being there for them.


Compassion is wisdom being expressed.

Wisdom, our empty essence, cannot be broken.

It can neither gain nor lose.


Do this, and you will die with a good heart!

Ready for the next step.

Be in good heart

Be in good heart

Be in good heart

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