Why are there so many problems in life?

 Well, we are in the Kali Yuga – ‘The Age of Darkness’. There are many accounts illustrating how leaders will/are going astray, and how this filters down into society.

 The four great epochs in Hinduism are:
Satya Yuga or the Age of Truth is said to last for four thousand divine years.
Treta Yuga for three thousand.
Dwapara Yuga for two thousand.
Kali Yuga will last for one thousand divine years, that equals to 432,000 earthly years.

 It is also believed that three of these great ages have already passed away, and we are now living in the fourth one.

The Signs of Kali Yuga
Knowledge has deserted mankind, leaving us only with the awareness of the gross physical body. This explains why we are now more preoccupied with our physical self than anything else.

Due to our preoccupation with our physical bodies, and because of our emphasis on the pursuit of gross materialism, this age has been termed the ‘Age of Darkness’ — an age when we have lost touch with our inner selves, an age of profound ignorance.

Dharma is represented as a bull because a bull ploughs the fields and helps human life for just a little hay. The bull is a most humble servant and good friend of man. He helps us and makes our loads lights.

In Sat Yuga, the bull of dharma stands comfortably on four feet very well, without falling down. Following dharma is normal. Promises are kept and if anybody dares to break his promise, people make a big fuss of it. In Treta Yuga, the bull stands on three feet. When standing on three feet, keeping balance is not difficult. People are a little selfish and it is not problem to break a promise once in a while. In Dwarpar Yuga, the bull has to stand on two feet; that is easy for humans and penguins but not for bulls. So the bull of dharma performs his balancing act like a clown in a circus. Selfishness increases and breaking your promise becomes acceptable. And in Kali Yuga, the bull of dharma stands on one foot.

So it becomes very difficult to follow dharma in Kali Yuga. Only exceptional people follow dharma and are true to their words.


We may not believe in these Yugas, but we can see that the world is in darkness at this moment. Corporations and Governments are manipulating the peoples of the world for their own gains. Through this, people are being dumbed down, and the natives are excited with electronic trinkets.

 When we recognise that everything goes in cycles – that nothing lasts, nothing lasts, nothing lasts – we realise that it is just a phase we are going through. There is no end, and all karmic accounts will be reckoned up.

 To put it simply; there is great suffering in the world, and the people do not notice. However, this is the best of times to practise compassion to those far and near. If we can practise with a one-footed bull, just think what we can do when the bull can dance on four legs!

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