Fancy a trip to Dewachen?

 First, we must step out of our chain of cyclic reactions.

 If we wish for higher realms such as Dewachen – the realm of infinite joy and happiness – we must break this vicious cycle of selfish existence, which means that our precious energy is turned towards benefiting others more than ourself. We all have different capacities and difficulties, but however we are, we must always step towards compassion, empathy, kindness and love. Without these, they won’t let you in! And, even if Dewachen was right in front of you, you wouldn’t recognise it!

 We don’t have to be smart to step out of the Kali Yuga’s driving forces, but merely recognise what is driving us, and say, “Not now, thank you.”

 Any reaction we experience is a creation from our past – it’s our story we keep replaying, our own created karma in which we are stuck. The most important thing is not to feel guilty about our innermost reactions and feelings, as these are merely coming from our ignorant past…and the past has gone! The very moment we pause, creating space, we cut through those karmic reactions, and no karma is produced. Then, through this space of clarity, we may act for the benefit of others.

 If we keep doing this, there is no way they can keep us out of Dewachen 😉


May whatever merit
we have accumulated
be for the benefit of others.

 May all beings,
not one excluded
be reborn in Dewachen

 Em Ah Ho!




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