Guru Yoga Represents Truth

The Buddha’s teaching, revealing the subtle, intricate unity of relative and absolute truth, is the most precious information in the universe, in order for us to understand the nature of reality. Therefore, those who represent these teachings are also the most precious: in Tibetan, they are called ‘Rinpoches’ which mean ‘precious ones’.

Guru yoga is devotion to the teachings, and to those teaching.
Devotion is a deep appreciation
of knowledge and the experience of wisdom.

The problem in this day and age is that teachers are either looked on with suspicion, or as someone onto whom we can project our hopes. Devotion needs reasoning, in the sense that we need to trust our own intelligence.

Once we get it,
we got it.
Then we can give it.

A genuine guru/teacher/lama is a representative of the subtle teachings on the two truths, for which we are deeply appreciative. The benefit of their efforts and compassion is incalculable, to help us understand and experience these teachings for ourselves.

The greatest appreciation we can show to the guru is to recognise, practice and experience the truth. Placing images on our shrine is helpful as a reminder, but filling our lives with paraphernalia and platitudes – although pleasing to the mind – is not guru yoga. The important point is to remember that which those images represent. They are reminding us of something, and that is the recognition of our true nature. And that is achieved by our own minds; our precious mind essence.

When the Buddha said,
“Place no head above your own”,
he meant, don’t accept somebody else’s word.
Discover the truth for yourself

It is of utmost importance to show respect for authentic teachers, thereby preserving and valuing truth so that others may realise their true nature. Humility and reverence are prerequisites for deep appreciation.

The greatest way to appreciate
the Guru’s teaching
is to know your own mind.

Prostate to your own essence,
not to your pride.

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