The Complete Dharma is Within Us All

Even though the teachings of the Buddha and the ancient masters are fully comprehensive and elaborate, they are all within us. We know everything there is to know; we merely have to take the steps to notice.

Tibetan Buddhism is colourful, elaborate and extensive, with mantras, deities, prayers, thousands of texts and commentaries, decorative gompas, stupas, prayer wheels, prayer flags, statues, prostrations, mandalas, mudras, dorjes, bells, praying to the guru from afar…and lots more 😉

All of these are reminders and inspirations to motivate us to discover one thing…

…pure awareness of awareness
of our essential compassionate nature.

When I first encountered Tibetan Buddhism it was fascinating – with many scary people! It wasn’t the lamas who were scary it was the westerners; many had a strange elitist attitude. Why were they so scary? It was because they were more interested in the bells and whistles – the methods and systems – than the one point. People are dogmatic. This is the same in all spiritual paths; they become religions!

The Buddha and the ancient masters taught one thing and one thing only – the purity of awareness and the obstacles to recognising that awareness. All inner wisdom manifest from there.

If we lose sight of empty compassion, we become fascinated with outer paraphernalia, and that fascination is the cause of ignorance. Of course, all paraphernalia can be helpful to ‘getting it’, but those who don’t ‘get it’ become stuck with the paraphernalia.

That’s why we have to be aware, and honest in order to be able to recognise the complete truth within us.

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