Drugged For Life
Addicted to chemicals and propaganda

Many know what is happening in the world, but the majority do not, and so that’s why is it allowed to happen. If we say we care and have compassion for those we love, it is vital to be informed. This is a beautiful world, but it is controlled by greed and corruption on a global scale, with evil disregard for human life. It is horrifying – samsara at its worst. You can check this information for yourself.

Fantasies and propaganda are being thrown into this mixture in order to confuse and create fear, and we may even switch off and look for something more pleasant to occupy ourselves.

There they are again – the three poisons: confusion (ignorance), fear and desire (pleasure).

…The principle of Pharmaceutical corporations: for customers to remain as customers, drugged for life! A disorder is not a disease.
How is this allowed to happen?

…The New World Governance – Oneness. Total control of everyone’s life and death.

What is the next step?
…TTIP: Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership

If we are drugged with chemicals and propaganda
we won’t even be able to think straight,
let alone meditate.
All we have to do is
be aware of the whole picture.

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2 Responses to DRUGGED FOR LIFE

  1. crestedduck says:

    On the positive happy side of life…..The sun is bright and it’s cold and windy this morning. As I pushed through the pain walking to pond with the ducks breakfast, as the flock came to shore in the back of the flock was lil miss Woody, and she had another female and a bigger male wood duck with her too. I forgot all about my back pain and thanked God she was still alive and well with a tear in my eye !
    Sort of ironic as was reading about the Hopi indians and prophesy rock, and Pahana and his two helpers, symbolized by ..a swastika inside the sun, and a celtic cross. Joel Kimball is the celtic cross and I am the swastika in the sun…Are you the older spiritual white man that is Pahana ?
    I am Robby Shutt/Shutzstauffle the Ro-bby/Ra-baby–Shutt/Schutzstauffle/Nazi SS—-I am the son/sun of the SS……there is your swastika inside the sun picture explanation for all to see.
    Me and Joel were both forced without our consent to live with govt/military weaponized implants to stop our natural gifts from coming into fruition.
    Falls in line with my dream last year where I was told “Everybody knew except you !”

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