What The Devil Never Wanted You To Know

You are God,
God doesn’t exist.

The Devil (our ignorance) never wanted us to have
Transcendent Knowledge of our true nature
as it is too involved in a ‘self’ image.

It is our ignorance of our true nature that is the devil,
and this devil created a God – a ‘self’ image.

To view this another way,
God is our own pure empty awareness, our true nature,
therefore it cannot be said to ‘exist’ as some thing.

It can also be said to not ‘not exist’ as its activity is compassionate wisdom.
The Devil is our own pure empty awareness mistaking projections as reality.
Its activity is like and dislike and lacks compassion.

…and it’s all in the mind!

What if, thousands of years ago, the idea of a ‘one true God’ was created to prevent sentient beings from ever recognising their true nature. Something external to believe in, to love, and which is maintained by belief. Having many names and manifestations, we became divided, and that has kept us busy!

Precisely because this idea has to be maintained by belief, a deliberate flaw arose, which caused people to feel guilty, and never good enough. That is only half of the equation: the necessity of belief in a God produces a glaring disbelief in this erroneous view, and a hatred for the idea of religions. Both belief and disbelief are hypnotic states that have kept us in a dream world!

Was it a deliberate ploy to create two opposing camps arguing forever, theists against theists, atheists against theists, atheists against atheists, thus creating all sorts of future problems and confusions and wars?! Confused people are easier to manipulate. This was the beginning of the Iron Age, the Kali Yuga: “The Age of Dumbing Down” where belief is stronger than knowingness.

The middle way is teachings
that reveal the inseparability of love and hate
– God and the devil.

It is the Buddha’s teachings that throw light
on all ideas and projections.

We merely have to look, see for ourselves…and finally let go.

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