Buddhism in Daily Life
Awareness in Daily Life

Once we (that’s awareness itself) are aware of awareness’s true nature – pure/empty compassionate awareness – this will enhance, elevate and uplift our approach to whatever we have to deal with within our culture and life style. The modern world is being terrorised by psychological manipulations; those “Big Ideas” that keep people running left and right, or so indifferent that they consent to the maintenance of this confusion. What awareness needs is clarity, not a clouding or dumbing down of the mind.

Every culture has its own peculiarities and temperaments: maybe this is due to past psychological manipulations? As we are part and parcel of these cultures, we are in a unique position to know specifically what is needed to remind us of and acknowledge natural, compassionate awareness.

The Dalai Lama wrote:
“Whenever Buddhism has taken root in a new land,
there has been a certain variation in the style in which it is observed.
The Buddha himself taught differently according to the place,
the occasion and the situation of those who were listening to him.”

(Thanks to Daisy for this quotation)

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