My wife said, “You should write something light and fluffy”.

I know what she means.
Something ‘light’ meaning clarity, yes.

Unfortunately, there is too much evil brainwashing in the world
for fluffiness.

Brainwash: pressurised into adopting radically different beliefs by using systematic means – both forcible and subtle – to indoctrinate, condition, re-educate, persuade, propagandise, influence, drill, pressurise. Indoctrination can take place at an early age often through over-stimulation: these children become adults and have children of their own.

We can become so traumatised by life that we reject society and become ‘spiritual’ in order to escape, separating ourselves from the rest. This is intentional brainwashing as we do it to ourselves.

“Happy-clappy” does not relieve suffering.
Some of us are just not fluffy


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3 Responses to LIGHT AND FLUFFY

  1. crestedduck says:

    Some of us are rough on the edges ..but things always naturally eventually balance and smooth out !

  2. mvmustari says:

    All is consciousness…both the fluffy and the not so fluffy.

    Further…consciousness is truth, the contents of consciousness are not. Content is simply whips of perceptive dreamstuff playing on the screen of your mind. Suffering = Illusion. The only power content has, is the power you give it.

    Think it through. The words I’m using may be different, but your Tibetan framework supports this. At a fundamental level, all frameworks do. Why? Because all is consciousness.

    I’m with your wife…give power to the light and fluffy 🙂

    Further still…ask consciousness what is best, or what is needed most, and then give power to that.

    • tony says:

      Dear mvmustari,

      I agree with you – assuming you mean pure consciousness.
      However different traditions use the word consciousness differently, as in ‘we have’ consciousness.
      The question then arises, “Who asks consciousness?”

      From a Dzogchen perspective reality is essence – pure awareness, and does nothing, but ‘be’. This can then manifest as essence love.

      “All is consciousness” is correct from a Tibetan aspect as all creation is due to this consciousness. We are beyond creation, never born and never die.

      It’s great to hear your view


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