We Are All Buddhas In The Mud

Although our true nature is awake and pure, it is obscured by defilements and attitudes. And so, we forget our true nature, putting more value on the defilements and attitudes. We are like pure gold covered in dirty mud. Defilements and attitudes come from ideas we “hold” about who we are; ideas have no reality, as the reality is behind these ideas; it is the pure awareness – buddha nature.

The result, or outcome, of these ideas is expressed in emotions – exploding emotions.

Through the Buddha’s teachings, we can now experience these same emotions as wisdoms. In the very first instant, the explosion of emotions enlightens the mind and points to the way back to sanity – buddha nature. This en-lightening is enlightening 😉

In that moment, we experience buddha mind – emptiness – suddenly filled with ‘stuff’ – emotions.

In that moment we can either re-recognise our buddha nature, or increase defilements and attitudes. Interestingly, both views become a habit – a way of seeing. Unfortunately, when loaded down with defilements and attitudes, we become prey to the defilements and attitude of others.

‘Defilement’: degraded, debased, spoilt, sullied, impaired, polluted, poisoned, corrupted, tainted. ANTONYM purified.

‘Attitude’: seat or place from which we think or feel about something.

Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche:
“Repeating The Words Of The Buddha.”

Although buddha nature is present in everyone, we
fail to recognise it. This ignorance is the main cause for
wandering in samsara. Due to the ignorance of not
knowing their true nature, sentient beings have strayed
into confusion, like pure gold that has fallen into the
mud and is temporarily defiled. Buddhas did not stray
into confusion but retained their ‘natural seat’. The
difference between buddhas and sentient beings is the
difference between knowing and not knowing our innate

Although gold is gold, when it falls into the mud it gets
covered by dirt and becomes unrecognisable. Gold temp-
orarily covered by mud is the example for sentient beings
who fail to recognise their own nature. All sentient beings
are buddhas, but due to temporary obscurations they do not
realise it. The ground is like pure gold, which has fallen
in the dirt and is covered by defilements. In this context,
the path means the state of confusion.

Buddhahood, the realised state of all awakened beings,
means not straying onto the path of confusion but re-
cognising the state of the path as pure gold. We are temp-
orarily under the power of confusion.

…Because of the sleep of ignorance, we go through the
dreams of the three realms, taking rebirth among the six
classes of sentient beings again and again, endlessly.

…Teachings are given in order to let the path clarify this
confusion, thus purifying the obscurations of body, speech
and mind.

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