Controlling The Flock

Fear = Panic = Chaos = Confusion = Conflict = More Fear
This is how people are controlled

Our personal suffering is maintained by joining – and therefore becoming part of – collective confusion. Experience “reaction in action” by reading the news, and thus experience “psychology in action”.

It doesn’t matter whether the information comes from the left or right: it is the same agenda…mind control. Always look at the result. Are you reacting? If you’re reacting, then you are distracted.

The Buddha said,
“Do good, do no harm, control your mind.”

If you don’t control your mind,
someone else is doing it for you!

Even though some know the truth, as long as the majority fall into line, it will not be enough make a difference to the collective that is being manipulated. For this formula to change, all it takes is for more people to become aware, and the dynamics will shift.

We need to be aware of what is going on in our own mind – and also in the world. The opposite to being aware is being ignorant – not being bothered – which is why we have to awaken our minds and hearts. If we are only concerned with our own mind, then we lack compassion. And if we lack compassion, we are not being aware of our conduct, which is the instrument for purifying karma. It’s all connected!

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