The Collective Ego Is The Devil!
Realising the urgency to practise

There is a plethora of complexity 😉 written about spirituality and the dharma, offering lots of advice. But sometimes it may all seem too much; “Yeah, yeah, I’ve heard it all before!” And so we lose the point of practising. We either switch off, we look for something different, or our practice becomes mechanical. It is here that an injection of energy is required, an sense of urgency.

This happens to all of us at some time.
All we have to do is look more closely to see things in a fresh way. There’s already an article on this blog entitled, “The Ego Is The Devil”; we can update this to “The Collective Ego Is The Devil.”

What does this mean?
It means that, as well as every sentient being we meet having Buddha nature (pure awareness), they also have a mistaken, devil nature (impure awareness).

Why is this so relevant?
Knowing that everyone is tainted – even charmingly tainted – we recognise that there is a big fat “meeee!!” being projected. All it ever says is, “Look at meeee!” Although we all have Buddha nature, our only concern is “meeee!!”.

And so?
Well, we don’t hold that against them, as they serve as a mirror to our own “meeee!!” There has never been a battle between good and evil; it’s merely a reflection of mirrors!

The term ‘smoke and mirrors’ is relevant here.
Smoke and mirrors: the obscuring or embellishing of the truth of a situation with misleading or irrelevant information: a reference to illusions created by conjuring tricks.

Imagine a scene: Mr and Mrs Enlightened Attitude on one side, holding up a mirror. On the other side, a large group of Mr and Mrs Unenlightened Attitude (demons), also holding up mirrors. Now, our attitude will dictate what we see – and, more importantly and uncomfortably, we notice which side we are actually on! It’s easy to forget that we are part of the scene we are observing. The demons see their own reflection in Mr and Mrs Enlightened Attitude’s mirror, and likewise Mr and Mrs Enlightened Attitude see their own reflection in the demon mirror.

What we see in the mirror – and how we see it – will reveal which side we are on. And it can be very scary. All we see is our own reflection.

So, depending on our understanding, we could be walking around in hell, and the devil’s presence points the way; the devil always overplays its hand, and its mischievous behaviour has the opposite effect to the one intended. On an everyday level, we can see this in action. We begin to see the exaggerations being projected but, on reflection, this points the way to heaven. Again, this is the unity of the two truths. The crazier the world seems, the wise we become!

If it doesn’t seem crazy… oh dear! 😀

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  1. crestedduck says:

    “The Collective Ego Is The Devil.”…Absolute & Relative truth……
    If you truly understand the meanings of “eternal” &”omnipresence”..
    ~~~EGO = Eternal Godly Omnipresence~~~ Do you know exactly who and what you are ?
    The things accomplished in the past that I’ve done and still now do….it is possible for you to do them too, and even more unlimited great things are possible with faith & grace & understanding .
    who said that..LOL…. You must understand that “the Holy ghost is alive and well”, and that “the Holy ghost and your EGO are one and the same” because it’s a “permanently encoded part of your DNA, that will never ever go away” !

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