Low spirited?
We should be.

Recognising suffering is the first noble truth
leading to the cessation of suffering:
we are therefore ready for the journey.

We live in a perverted travesty where rulers feed off the populace: this is the Age of Demons, according to the Mahabharata. We do not live in accordance with loving wisdom that is our true nature. If we are not disheartened about life, then we have covered our hearts with justifications and delusions.

Our body, speech and mind are constantly being disturbed so that we are unable to think straight, let alone go beyond thought. Our body, speech and mind should be full of positive energy but they are being attacked and put under stress, and we become run down, and therefore depressed. We need to recharge our wisdom through transcendent knowledge, which is spiritual psychology beyond this mundane, depressing world.

The antidote is simple, without the need for pills or stimulants. Know that depression is not a permanent state. There is light in the darkness precisely because ‘we’ recognise the depression in the mind! If we believe we are the mind, then we will become the depression and remain depressed, mistakenly claiming, “I am depressed”. Stimulants may make us feel better temporarily, but they only dull the mind and thus we lose insight because we cannot connect with the direct experience that can awaken us.

It is inner awareness that can immediately loosen the mud in the mind. Life will, of course, still be disturbing but we can now deal with it better. This is the purpose of meditation.

If we go too far down the road of identifying with depression, then everything is dark: it seems there is no light and we can become demonic. But there is always light, once it is pointed out in the calmness of wisdom.

There is the possibility of indulging in depression in order to justify doing nothing and blaming the world. This is a very sad state to be in: it is a heavy karmic load, with a heavy heart. Been there, done that!

There is no need to be depressed about feeling depressed. When we finally do feel a sense of relief from depression, we look around and see others in depression – and that is depressing. It’s a mixture of joy and sadness, which is wisdom realising the temporary state in which others find themselves. This is compassion. Recognition uplifts depression.

If we do not know there is a way out,
we don’t get out.

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2 Responses to DEPRESSED?

  1. marcel says:

    He Tony,

    I so agree with your recent musings, that I don’t have a lot things to share these days, except many this..

    To ban depression and suffering out of one’s life (or like trying to rest in joy, which is basically one of the same) is not going to work. One needs to move beyond and accept the entire universe as such..

    The indivisible primordial mind has all qualities and attributes of the infinit univers including both samsara and nirvana. The non-dual innate mind is as spaciousous as the infinite cosmos itself. Beginner’s mind; Om mind.The mystery of sunyata and the loving kindness of a child (or the crazy wisdom of an old dzogchen master.. 🙂

    I guess this is what they mean when they speak about saints, for whom the children of the world are their children and who feels the sum of suffering of the world. It’s almost unbearable… Unbearable compassion, like unbearable bliss, light, joy.. The smile of the buddha?

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