Humans Are Easily Divided

Even when we meet someone whom we feel thinks the same way as us, we notice divisions occurring. These may even become hostile. We appear to be so close, but there is a ‘backing away’, a fear felt. Why?

That which we feel to be precious, we do not want to be contaminated. If we can take teachings from everyone and everything, then our understanding can be enhanced. This doesn’t mean we are satisfied with what is said, but we are testing our compassion and remaining in pure awareness. We are not disturbed, so that neither stress nor anxiety arise. We might find that we need to leave well enough alone, finding the right balance according to our capacity.

If we cannot liberate a desire, we abandon it.
If we can liberate the desire, without having to and abandon it, then we are using sensual objects as the path.

We have to remember that careless conduct can cause others to lose their faith.

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