Order Out Of Chaos
Magic trick…and real magic!

This is a motto circulating on the internet which has two distinct aspects, negative and positive. If we substitute the word ‘order’ for ‘control’, we see the picture more clearly.

Order out of Chaos – Hegel style.
Hegel’s reasoning (dialectic): The manipulation of people’s pattern of thought and behaviour. When we fight against or defend an idea, we are consenting to play our role in designed chaos. Dis-order is brought about so that people will demand order. The price of ‘order’ always entails a handing over of control and loss of freedom, and we don’t realise that it’s happening. It’s a magic trick.

Order out of Chaos – Dzogchen style.
Dzogchen reasoning: In the very acknowledgment of chaos – which is an illusion – the essence of awareness is realised. Chaos itself is the very tool for enlightenment. That is wisdom. That is real magic!

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2 Responses to ORDER OUT OF CHAOS

  1. tony says:

    See it happening…

  2. tony says:

    The important point to know is that, although the brain and therefore the mind, can be influenced or even taken over, the essence of awareness (our true nature) which is emptiness devoid of parts, can only be distracted, but never controlled. We are naturally free!

    The only people who are controlled are those that ‘believe’ in illusory magic.

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