Do Good, Do No Harm, Tame The Mind

The Buddha Said,
“Do Good, Do No Harm, Tame The Mind”.

How do we do this? Simply choose a prayer or mantra such as ‘Om Mani Padme Hung’ which, as the mantra of the Lord of Compassion, Chenrezi, symbolises compassionate energy.We chant this in the mind or on the breath, and send it out in all directions in the form of light, to the enlightened ones in the universe. This light reflects back on us in the form of blessings, and we then send it out to all sentient beings. The light returns and is sent out again to the enlightened ones. Thus we become a conduit.

In this one action, we are doing good, we are doing no harm and, as we are focusing on what we’re doing, we’re taming the mind.

This can be done with any prayer we wish. Whether it actually does any good for anyone else, we can’t say, but it generates a tremendous motivation within our mind and heart, and that in turn generates great merit and influences our compassionate activity.

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