One Question We Shouldn’t Attempt To Answer:

Where Am I Now?

In doing so, we move out of now. Just do it!

“What do I do?”
Come to your senses. See, smell, taste, touch, hear… and be. Sometimes this is enjoyable, and sometimes not, dependant upon conceptualisation of the experience. The senses are non-conceptual in the same way as pure awareness: they are just there. It’s when we use recognition, memory and judgement that we come out of ‘now’, and go into the past to project onto the future.

Of course, we have to use recognition, memory and judgement in order to function as humans, but we needn’t cling to these as absolute reality. They are merely the tools of impermanent reality. Use them when needed, drop them when not. We don’t have to walk around with them as this limits our destiny.

Does this bring a sense of overload? Are we overloaded by the conceptualisation of experience? It is in the experiencing of the overload of conceptualisation that confusion dawns as wisdom. There is just a giving up. A letting be. Nothing to be done.

When chanting a mantra such as “Om”, there is only the sound of the voice, the vibration in the body, the quality of light, the taste in the mouth…because there is nothing to think about or understand. Just pure experience.

Trying to explain ‘now’ is not being in the ‘now’.

It’s that simple.

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  1. Marcel says:

    Yes, just being there, right on the spot, is non-conceptual. It cannot be grasped and understoof a-priori. It unfolds itself as-it is and we’re there, part of it, so to speak. Indeed, it’s that simple. Nice post Tony!

  2. su says:

    I Am Here Now.

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