Can We Be Too Kind?

The word “too” seems to hold the answer.

The level of kindness depends on the understanding of the individual applying skilful clarity in order to benefit a situation. Not too tight and not too loose. We may have a high view, but our conduct must suitable and must be in harmony with whatever presents itself: we need to be skilful.

If we look at the six perfections of generosity, patience, perseverance, discipline, concentration/meditation and wisdom, we can see that effort is needed. Of course, within rigpa – pure awareness – all the perfections are effortlessly present: then we can apply the four enlightened activities of pacifying, enriching, magnetising and destroying* ego’s games.

Are we door mats?
Well, it depends on whether the door mat is self-cleaning!

Some boots are very muddy,
and the occupier may not notice.
If they see that our boots are clean,
that would be a kindness without words.

(*Personally, I have found that I tend to apply the four enlightened activities in reverse: firstly, I want to cut through the confusion (destroy), and if that doesn’t work, I magnetise, then enrich and finally pacify. This work for me, but not always for others because by the time I’ve got round to pacifying, they’ve run away…! 😉 I still have much to learn.)

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