Your Teacher Doesn’t Love You

Your teacher loves the teaching from the highest realm.
Your teacher empathises with your earthly suffering.
Your teacher has compassion for your bewilderment.

The teacher can put an end to confusion
but cannot end your suffering.
You do that!

The teacher merely shows you the way. You may want to be taken by the hand, and it’s a shock when you realise that they cannot untie the knots for you – and a joy when you realise that you can do it yourself. It’s then that you discover the inner teacher.

The unceasing expression of awareness
is embodied in compassionate wisdom.

The clarity of light recognises itself.
Never forget the kindness of the teacher.

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  1. crestedduck says:

    The Idea of No Self and Union with God…. I think you’ll find this video interesting .
    “Those that are not connected to the Source may experience a level of enlightenment but can never have true union”.

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