That Which Is Meant to Eliminate Confusion
…may cause confusion!

The very nature of mind – which is our true being – is unfabricated, pure perception. It is empty of judgment; it is emptiness itself. We are emptiness itself. Once the mind is clear, once we are clear, then that clarity can benefit and enlighten the situation!

Emptiness is Dharmakaya…is Mahamudra…is Madyamika*…is Dzogchen. It’s all the same. Ground Path and Fruition. The Ground is our nature of emptiness. The Path is our confusion which obscures our nature of emptiness. The Fruition is realising that our confusion and defilements never existed, and that we are the Ground all along.

The unfabricated ground is Mahamudra
The unfabricated path is Madyamika
The unfabricated fruition is Dzogchen
= clarity

Self-Liberated Mind
by Patrul Rinpoche

The dharmakaya of emptiness is the practice of all accomplished masters. It is the realisation of the Buddhas of the three times, the life vein of all yidams, the heart blood of all dakinis, the stronghold of all dharma protectors, the essence of the sutras and tantras as well as the extract of all the secret mantras and knowledge mantras.

It is Mahamudra, Madyamika and Dzogchen expounded as one – the pointing out of dharmakaya as being inseparable from your own mind. It is knowing one that liberates all.

…One doesn’t find one’s mind by searching for it. The mind itself is empty from the beginning. You don’t need to search for it. It is the searcher him/herself. Rest undistractedly in the searcher him/herself.

…No matter what kind of thoughts occur – excellent or terrible, good or bad, joyful or sorrowful – don’t accept or reject, but rest in the thinker him/herself without fabricating anything.”

We use soap to wash the dirt off:
then we wash away the soap.

If we don’t rinse away the soap,
a residue will contaminate everything we touch
and we will continue to be intimidated by terminology.



.* Madyamika: The investigation and clarification that that which I call ‘myself’ and ‘phenomena’ are empty of any true existence.

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