Can’t Find The Nature Of Mind?
Can’t find yourself.

Whatever takes place and appears in the mind,
simply note, be aware and relax.
That is the nature of mind exactly!

Whatever takes place, takes space.
Whether it is
confusion, pride, fear,
jealousy, anger, desire, indifference
happiness, joy, stillness, peace…
empty awareness is present and relaxed.
That’s it exactly!

Why can’t we recognise the nature of mind?
Because we are unfamiliar with this subtle ‘ordinary’ state.
It’s exactly that!

Truth is not in a religion or in a culture:
it is simply in recognising our true nature within.
That’s exactly it!

Religion and culture control us;
we believe that if we are good we go to heaven
and the teacher will love us.
If we are bad we go to hell
and the teacher won’t love us.
Either way, we feel guilty
because we are never good enough.
Isn’t it exactly like that?

We are here to realise our full potential,
and that is resting in awareness that is uncontaminated.
The very nature of mind that is pure awareness.
We are never separate from pure awareness.
It is exactly what we are!

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  1. tony says:

    Sitting with half closed eyes seems to help with this approach.

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